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(208) Steve
Fri, 14 December 2012 01:57

Is there any information about why he left Latvia, how he left Europe and any dates for those events?

Was he a member of any church groups or religion?

Did he adhere to any special diet ... like, vegetarian?

Thanks in advance...Steve

(207) Ken & Tanya
Wed, 12 December 2012 00:02

We visited Coral Castle 12-11-12 with some friends that were visiting us. I have visited before, but it was the first time for the 3 handy men I was with. I had never taken the tour, and this time we did. Our guide, Zulay, was great! She took time with us to tell us about different "experiments" we could try, and our minds were blown! With carpentry in my guest's past, they were mesmerized by all the different things at Coral Castle. I learned so much from the tour that I never knew about from previous visits. We had a great time, took some fun and memorable photos, and had lots to talk about during dinner tonight. Thank you for a wonderful tour Zulay! Your enthusiasm was contagious, And your tour was informative, and fun! We will return with other visiting guests in the future!

(206) Leonard & Marian Horst
Tue, 4 December 2012 20:40

Visited in October 2012 .This is a amazing place. hope to come back.

(205) William Smith?Rebecca Albanese
Fri, 30 November 2012 22:22

We visited on November 5th of 2012 and were very impressed with the site, the guide we had and the sheer phenomenon of the Coral Castle. We currently live in Wyoming, but hope to return to Florida and visit you again.

(204) D Hendrickson
Sat, 24 November 2012 16:13

This place is truly amazing. Really makes you wonder how he did all this by himself.

(203) Epic
Sat, 13 October 2012 21:28

Thw way he (Ed) did it is my magnetism. he stated very clearly in his book, Magnetic Current, that gravity is acctually magnatism, so all he had to do was make the stones not magnetic any more (which they were already), move them, and remagnetize them. It is still a mystery as to HOW he did it, but those are the basics.

(202) A
Fri, 12 October 2012 15:36

Edward and I were disciples of Hermes Trismegistus (Avatar who designed the Pyramid at Giza)and oversaw it's construction. The Order of Melchizedek utilized the solitronic and standing columnar wave patterns to move the blocks. Edward remembered the science from that past incarnation and simply put it back to work. One can calibrate the field of consciousness to determine the truth to any questions one might have regarding this series of structures. Blessings

(201) Carol James
Sat, 29 September 2012 18:02

I've known about the Coral Castle for some time, but I didn't know about the website. If I ever visit Florida, you can be sure that this site will be on my top five list of "places to visit".

(200) Don and Joyce Smith
Sun, 23 September 2012 09:24

Joyce and I were simply amazed at what we saw. You could sit and just let your mind wander as to how one man could have done all this. It was unreal. We had heard about the Coral Castle on late night talk shows where the castle was a topic for hours. We just had to visit this wonder and see for ourselves. We will be back.

Gravatar (199) Boyd
Thu, 13 September 2012 20:32

I can't wait to actually see this castle in person. Every time I watch a documentary with experts who claim it must have taken decades or even centuries to complete a single pyramid or to move and erect large stones like used at “Stonehenge” or the “Easter Island Moai”, I think of this castle, built by ONE man and I wonder why none of these so called experts have ever considered that if one man could build this castle by himself, maybe it would have been possible for the pyramids and stone buildings to have been built using a technology or method that was more advanced than any of our currently used construction methods. Our arrogance concerning our knowledge just makes me laugh every time I hear some expert try to explain how many people must have been required to build the pyramids.

Maybe if we stopped thinking of ourselves as the most intelligent people who ever lived on earth and consider that it may be possible that we could actually learn from our ancestors instead of acting like we already know everything.

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