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(228) Linda
Sun, 10 August 2014 11:11

Can't believe I grew up in fla and never made it to see this amazing creation. So cool

(227) Jon
Wed, 6 August 2014 20:05

I love this place even through I have never been there the pictures of the castle tell a lot. It is like a puzzle. An engineer, tool maker, machine repair person, puzzlers, Stone workers and others will see, the tools of long ago. These tools are still in use today but have changed a little. Ed I believe talked in metaphors. Open your mine and you will see.

(226) Matt McMahon Cox Proulx
Sun, 13 July 2014 22:56

Tomorrow my girlfriend and I are coming to visit Coral Castle. I will be taking video that will be going on my YouTube channel Matt McMahon Inventor and in my friend Rob Arnold of RWA Films documentary.

I will be going in depth to use my strong observation qualities to help fellow inventors that want to know more about Ed's mysterious work. We hope to take measurements of what ever we are allows to touch in hopes of more people replicating Ed's work and finally revealing his amazing work.

Matt McMahon

(225) Shelia Hutek
Wed, 18 June 2014 07:32

Beautiful flowering gardens & marvelous coral structures! A sense of peace permeates the entire 2 acres of wonders at Coral Castle. Our guide; Joe, was fantastic at enlightening us on all the wonders of the castle. A truly memorable experience.

(224) jake lyons
Fri, 23 May 2014 18:36

I grew up on Pineisle dr.(132 av.), about 4.3 miles from the site, while Ed was building the castle. Didn't know at the time what a mysterious place it was. Just reading about it in the book "the puzzle of ancient man" by Dr. Chittick. I now live in Tillamook, Or. but remember the old neighborhood fondly. Now I wish I had snuck out at night to secretly watch how he did it. Some day maybe we'll figure it out. Still remember my brother of about 4 pushing that large stone gate open.

(223) Timothy McAuliffe
Sun, 27 April 2014 20:34

We had a great visit Apr/15/2014.

(222) Hosea
Sat, 19 April 2014 08:13

my thought is this.ed knew how people would misuse
this power.he choose too make the curious believe
that he did all this with a few tools and magnetism
but he knew secrets of a simple,and natural under standing obtained though a broken heart and a spiritual force to be concealed until death.

(221) Erik McBride
Mon, 10 March 2014 06:34

Coral Castle's awesome. I've been there multiple times over my life; my first time was at 7. I'll be 35 this year! Wahh.

Anyways. I know how he built it. Gravity is a constant motion on us, and the blocks, too. There's a device that lets you find the precise center of gravity of any given object (there's a few.) If you use that device in conjunction with the northern hemisphere's eastern (counter-clockwise) deflection, Ed just let earth counteract its own gravitational force on the object, so he could let it float in anti-gravity. (That's exactly what he did; but, you can only make half an object gravity-displaced at a time and only for a brief moment.)

The device he used to create this effect did indeed hold perpetual motion; but, he'd only get about 6 degrees worth of "free-float" per hour.

(220) Ale Pisano Argentina
Thu, 23 January 2014 19:19

I enjoyed our visit today! It seems everyone at the Castle treats it and it´s history, with love and respect. Thank you!

(219) JP
Tue, 31 December 2013 16:08

I haven't had the unparalleled experience of witnessing first hand, the Coral Castle...regardless of that truth, I have zero reservation in believing in the magic of this structure because the evidence of "some otherworldly technology" was obviously used in the building of the many, many amazing structures built all over the world so long ago that to even attempt at providing an explanation is simply redundant and logically retarded. There was people here on Earth BEFORE the good shepherds wrote their version of the story and the evidence is clearly visible if one is inclinded to discover it. I WILL one day soon visit the Coral Castle...and while wonderment and fascination will be some of the emotions I will experience, mostly for me it will be yet another proof that there is a secret that has been deliberately disguised and hidden from the rest of the world...whose secret is it and why it has been kept hidden is where the preferred race debate, greed, poverty and war come into the picture...and how all that affects our lives. Ed was a Good Samaritan(Sumerian) who was sent here to "Show the Way"...but as it is for many, many other amazing discoveries(Tesla...)the powers work tirelessly and with devout purpose to sweep all those amazing discoveries "under the rug" to make way for profits in other endeavors. Happy Hunting my friends!

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