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(58) Linda
Sun, 31 January 2010 18:52

I am from Latvia and only got to know about this amazing place from Believe it or not. Not once was Leedskalnins mentioned in science lessons at school or anywhere else! How pathetic. He would be such an amazing person to learn about and to be proud of...Well, at least, Americans are proud of him. I really wish to visit the Coral Castle one day!

(57) Lynda Sullivan
Fri, 29 January 2010 01:35

A friend was telling me about this castle today and I decided to look it up on the web. How absolutely fascinating! Obviously Ed understood something about the human potential that the average person does not. It is no doubt profound but probably at the same time incredibly simple. I wonder why the individuals and civilizations (ancient Egyptians, Mayans, Incans) that have harnessed this concept never write it down or pass it on? I hope to have the opportunity to visit the Coral Castle in person some day.

(56) Brenda Riddle
Wed, 27 January 2010 12:45

I just think this is so amazing for a man no larger than Ed was to put together something like this how incredible can't wait to go there!

(55) Leslie G.
Mon, 18 January 2010 23:42

What an amazing, incredible place with an equally amazing, incredible story. I just don't understand however how, over a period of 20+ years, not a single person was able to ever observe him working! It is astonishing that he left this world without leaving his secret behind.

(54) mary
Wed, 30 December 2009 22:33

My parents took me along with my daughters to the Coral Castle on our way to Key West one year. The next year we stopped again and took many more pictures. I've told my husband about the castle for years although he's never been there but we are both planning on going this Mar. Ed was brilliant and we'll be ordering his books. It's kind of scarey that no one has figured out what he did after all these years. Why didn't the government hire him?????

(53) OC
Mon, 28 December 2009 16:29


I was raised in Homestead, FL for 17 years of my life. When I was 5 years old, my parents were married at Coral Castle. It wasn't until today, 12-28-2009 that I read the story and the true mystery involving Coral Castle. Very interesting!

(52) Michele
Fri, 18 December 2009 19:25

I have a picture of my late father in a giant chair at Coral Castle taken in the 80's, I have one of my brother in the same chair taken 5 years ago, and I'll be posing for my picture in that same chair in 10 days. I can't wait to get to Florida!

(51) 47
Sun, 13 December 2009 20:27

Ed was a true Renaissance man, a man who understood the magic of his potential, a shining example to us all as to the creative positive potential within us.
The Egyptians understood this magical secret, that we may all transcend our seemingly limited existence thru the things that we might be inspired to create. I feel that the essential key to this amazing accomplishment is hidden within his book. He mentions almost without notice that he was a man who had an unusually high amount of self respect. Throughout history, and understood by all enlightened ancient societies, the key to the Great Temple of Knowledge is universally agreed to begin with SELF CONTROL. Learn about yoga, if you are not familiar, and the kundalini energy that rises within our bodies (as symbolized by the coiled snakes on the caduceus- medical symbol). This force or energy is increased thru self control, which is the key to opening the 'third eye' of awareness. This is the sacred portal of the gods, the goal of all spiritual aspirants. I believe that Ed was connected to this source of inspiration to a degree that is unusual today. It is evident, thru his work, that he had access to something that speaks of a force that transcends time, space and our preconditioned limits of what is possible thru man and our potential to create as above , so below.

(50) Tina
Sat, 12 December 2009 10:15

It is amazing and beautiful! A true testiment to what one man can accomplish. It was a dream come true to have visited it! The tour was very informative and a friendly and knowledgeable tour guide! We had a great visit! Thank you!

(49) Coral Castle Museum
Mon, 7 December 2009 13:48

@Lee Sang Min - Feel free to contact our gift shop for assistance in finding Ed's books.

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