Please sign in and tell us what you think of the Coral Castle! We’d love to hear about your visit and impressions. Thanks for visiting us — we look forward to hearing from you soon.

(118) iLLtAcTiX3
Thu, 16 December 2010 22:41

Coral Castle and its creator, Edward Leedskalnin, are the reason my fascination with the unkown began! unbeknownst to a vast majority of the population of the united states, these variables, amazing achievements that cannot be explained fully, seem to baffle yet intice the greatest of minds, to me its a challenge, so let the research begin!!!!!!! to all that are interested in sites such as these, please link to as many other interesting and unexplained accomplishments as possible, and you will find yourself achieving and surpassing your life goals as they are inspiring and motivating as much as they are interesting! you dont need to be a genious to achieve your goals and succeed in life, you just need to be focused!

Gravatar (117) Kenneth L Dunn
Thu, 16 December 2010 00:10

I have lived in fle all my life and never new about this man .Sure wished i could have met him

(116) Kelly McGuire
Thu, 18 November 2010 00:11

Hello: My husband and I were in Florida ( we live in Canada) and he had read about Coral Castle and so was eager to visit. We came on November 7 2010 first thing in the morning and met Patricia almost immediately. She was a wonderful guide and was great to answer questions. I loved the energy of this place and it is very magical indeed. My husband feels that Coral Castle holds the keys to understanding the universe. We will visit again when we are back in Florida. Thank you!

(115) luchito soto de chilito lindo
Tue, 9 November 2010 20:06

this is an awsome place to visit....the most amazing secret of this is that Edward Leedskalnin dicovered how to move those blocks of tons of weight using antigravity...secret that he never shared...but he left us this beautiful place...thanks ed....

(114) Kay Noble
Tue, 9 November 2010 19:17

This was my husbands first and my second visit. He has not stopped talking about it since!!! Such an facinating place. Our tour guide (Patricia) was exceptional!!! Knew so many aspects about the place that I (we) had never heard of before, which makes it more mysterious. Can't wait to read the books and watch the video we purchased.

(113) Mark Faircloth
Tue, 26 October 2010 23:08

I have never herd of this and I have lived in Fla since 1968, We plan on a visit soon.

(112) David Lewis
Mon, 18 October 2010 05:36


Thank you very much for your tour last Thursday. This was my seventh trip and I have read all the books I could get my hands on, and I learned more from you than all the others. You answered a number of questions that I had that did just not make sense. I would also like your email address so I could ask you some other questions.

Most tour guides seem like they are reading from a script. You show genuine enthusiasm for your subject. Of course, with Rock Gate Park, how could you not?

You made my lecture. Thank you very much.

David Lewis

(111) Denise
Fri, 8 October 2010 18:51

I live in FL and have visited the Coral Castle twice so far. I'd go back in a heartbeat to see it again. I have an eerie fascination for this place. I would not walk across the street to see Disney World due to it's commercialism, yet I drive nonstop for hours to see the Coral Castle! Make a plan to see this place and spend some time being amazed by the mystery.

(110) Dean Sever
Fri, 8 October 2010 15:34

Was very impressed seeing finally this treasure in person. Wish to thank Acie Franklin for a first class job of explaining the Masonic aspects of the Castle and his dedication and knowledge of the facility.

Would like Acie to contact me via email, I lost his email address which he gave to me while there, have several Masonic Brothers who would like to arrange to meet him for a tour in the future to be sure he is there then.

(109) Saige Wood
Mon, 4 October 2010 01:21

This is a very unique and beautiful castle. I have never even't heard of this before and I live in Fla! I will deffinantly have to visit this place over my vaccation.

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