Please sign in and tell us what you think of the Coral Castle! We’d love to hear about your visit and impressions. Thanks for visiting us — we look forward to hearing from you soon.

(138) Darlene Chippewa
Wed, 6 April 2011 18:56

I visited today April 6, 2011 with my partner, Robin and my Brother-in-law Larry. I still feel in awe of Ed L's knowledge. The word "awesome" is throw around pretty regularly these days ---- it was wonderful to be in the center of something so truly awe-inspiring. I felt at peace there. Our guide was Raoul, a very personable, informed, patient man ---- he made our visit fun. Thanks for the wonderful place to bring out-of-towners. I will most assuredly return with guests.

(137) Kim
Tue, 29 March 2011 11:26

I have lived in Miami since 1978 and never visited this hidden jewel. I went with a friend last week and we both were very impressed! Our guide's name was Patricia, and we found her to be wonderful! Thank you Patricia for sharing your knowledge with us. I can not get this place out of my much to ponder!

(136) Stacey
Mon, 28 March 2011 09:13

Visited Sunday, 3/27/11 and loved the incredible history. Thanks to all who maintain this jewel.

(135) Andrea Rom
Thu, 24 March 2011 23:51

I would love to come and visit this beautiful and amazing looking place, alas, maybe i will have the funds to do so with my daughter in the future. Have a good day!

(134) Pam
Thu, 24 March 2011 20:44

My son & I are from Indiana & were visiting friends in Florida on Springbreak last week when we decided to check out The Coral Castle. We were surprised at how interesting it was. All the children really thought the "furniture" was cool & liked that they were able to sit on the chairs & lay on the beds.
We were amazed that it was all sculptured by one man...a tiny man at that!! Thanks Ed for creating such an interesting place! We enjoyed our time spent there.
If we ever get back in the area again, we will be sure to stop by!

(133) rebeca rodriguez
Tue, 22 March 2011 11:08

We've been living in Florida for 5 years and last week we went to Coral Castle during Spring Brake. We got there with lots of expectations. We were lucky enough to have AC as our guide. AC took his time explaining all the details of this magnificent place that is only a "bunch of rocks" is you don't get the information and history behind it. Thanks AC for your time and dedication, because of you, this visit to Coral Castle is one all 7 of us will remember for ever!

(132) Dale Edmonds
Tue, 15 March 2011 11:11

I grew up in south Fl and never had the chance to go to rock castel . The next trip to Fl I will make a point to see it in person

(131) Wireman in Ohio
Tue, 8 March 2011 19:30

We visitwd Rock Castle about 25 years ago and it made a lasting impression.Came up today in a travel conversation and we were pleased to find this information on the computer.If ever in that area we will visit again.

Gravatar (130) Fred Altobellis
Sun, 6 March 2011 16:10

I heard about Coral Castle from the series"IN SEARCH OF" My theory is that mr. Leedslakin used magnetic current with his ac generator & magnetic ley lines to move the boulders!

(129) david kilner
Sat, 26 February 2011 22:55

I took the guided tour when one of the experts happened to be there that day and he sure brought a lot of interesting things to light that you would never have picked up on your own.. it was great...

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