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(26) Anthony and Marguerite
Mon, 21 September 2009 19:43

What a strange and wonderful place...the energy here is palpable...always worth a visit and always new things to discover...

Thank you gift shop folks, we had the mixup with the "Snapples" and you made it right!!!

(25) Phillip Anderson
Thu, 17 September 2009 03:31

Ed was a very fascinating man. If someone did know the secret, I hope they never say what that is to the general public so that Ed's legacy will live on for many more generations. What a great place to visit. I can't wait to get out there and do more research and some more studies of my own.

I wonder if the owners would trade the castle for the answer to the mystery as to how Ed moved the stones to build the Coral Castle? Just curious here.... ;)

Phil from Northern California

(24) milton epps
Thu, 17 September 2009 02:40

truly amazing....Ed L.was a very intelligent man and he left this Earth...taking his secrets with him. how unfortunate for the rest of us ! :(

(23) Robert
Mon, 7 September 2009 13:10

Beautiful, so unfortunate that Ed L. has died with all his secrets, we of this world will forever wonder how such a small man achieved so much in his life time and wonder if anyone will ever come up with the same ides.

(22) Lydia
Fri, 4 September 2009 17:04

Considering the Coral Castle was built as a tribute to true love, I think this would be a fantastic place to propose. I hope the answer you get is a "yes" -- good luck and let us know how it goes!

(21) orlando
Fri, 4 September 2009 02:42

does anybody think this is a good place to propose?

(20) Island Queen Cruises
Thu, 3 September 2009 20:01

I grew up down the street from Coral Castle as a kid. It seemed larger then life then.

It was such a cool place growing up. I still enjoy the Castle and have visited there a few times in the last few years.

Gravatar (19) Adriana
Tue, 1 September 2009 01:45

This is amazing, I felt energy from head to toe, peace into my heart, and the Human-Universe's conection is beyond... that I cann't explain with words..

(18) Julia Ciaglia
Thu, 20 August 2009 17:34

We visited the Coral Castle back in 1974, and again a few years ago. It is still such a remarkable place to visit and I would come back whenever I'm in the area. It is amazing what the love of a man for a woman will do!

(17) William Eng
Thu, 13 August 2009 02:46

Around 1986, I was dating Gabriele Pietsch in the Chicagoland area. She grew up in the Miami area. She took me to Florida one summer and I spent some time visiting the Coral Castle. I just happened to look through a box of old materials and discovered the packet of information I bought that contains the booklets and writings of Edward Leedskalnin from 1936. The materials are now worth between $100-$200 in new condition. Amazing find! And what memories!

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