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(46) Savannah Webber
Sun, 29 November 2009 18:31

The Coral Castle museum looks very interesting and I look forward to exploring it.

(45) Maximiliano
Fri, 27 November 2009 15:09


for further reasearch

(44) Lisa
Fri, 27 November 2009 06:45

Amazing!! I'm totally mesmerized by my visit to the Coral Castle on 11/26/09. Will be back!!

(43) Mark A. Wright,HMCSSUSN,RET
Thu, 26 November 2009 18:36

We have not gone to the castle yet..... but we will, the next time we go to Florida. This is amazing and his story is amazing.

I would have loved to meet him. Leverage is a wonderful thing.


Gravatar (42) Rob Miller
Wed, 18 November 2009 08:27

Cool site.

(41) phil cullen
Mon, 16 November 2009 13:00

Hello. My Father met Ed in Florida some many years ago and told me how Amazed he was at Ed's understanding of how the world worked.

(40) Alicia and Joe
Sun, 15 November 2009 01:52

We loved visiting. The castle isn't very big but imagining a man smaller than myself hauling stone out of the ground like that, all by himself is a feat beyond human endurance. Great place to take children, there isn't a thing in the castle they can damage and adults will enjoy the scientific aspect. We'll be back

Gravatar (39) Kamran Safdar KSFF420
Fri, 6 November 2009 20:23

It amaze me but until we will not see it and do research on it by ourselves.I live in Qatar which is to far from there that's why i am not sure of anything.But,in my life if i get a chance to go there,see it by myself and get chance to do research than i can explain and tell everyone about it surely.So,i hope may my Allah gave me chance to go there and do research on it.Thanks

(38) zach
Tue, 3 November 2009 23:40

hey i have a question to the ppl who have visited this. Im thinking bout proposing to my g/f at this site would you recommend this and if so where at exactly and day or nite? any comments thanks alot!!!

(37) Rick & Miriam Burr
Sun, 1 November 2009 00:42

We visited Ed's place last night and had a wonderful time. The evening tour was very informative and we learned several things that our research missed. The sunset, twilight and full moon created an additional dimension of magic in the garden. Our next visit is planned for Psychic Saturday with the Possum Posse(Elvis and Orchid)

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