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(66) Ainars
Sat, 20 February 2010 21:37

Well, I live in Riga, Latvia. Just an hour ago I stumbled upon a comment in youtube concerning the Coral castle and I must admit I am completely shocked. Not only about this castle as such but about the fact that I have lived in Riga, Latvia, for 37 years and not once I have heard about this man - Liedskalninsh (as it should be more correctly spelled).
I've never been to the United States but this is one place I really want to visit.

(65) terry nihart
Tue, 16 February 2010 22:38

i was at coral castle in the 70's when i was a teen.i loved it so much and i have never stopped thinking about it.its a beautiful place full of mystery.i hope to get married there one day.

(64) Claudia
Mon, 15 February 2010 14:45

My first time visiting Coral Castle was yesturday (valentines) and my boyfirend and i loved it! I was just in awww!!! of everything that this tiny man did. I took many pics and will definetly come back! keep up the good work!!

(63) Coral Castle
Mon, 15 February 2010 14:36

Congratulations Nancy & Gary!

(62) Nancy & Gary
Mon, 15 February 2010 00:33

We renewed our vows today at the Coral Castle as part of Valentine's Day. What a wonderful visit. Well worth the trip.

(61) pat
Sun, 14 February 2010 03:33

Hi For all the friends that visit tonight the web side of the castle. Tomorrow for Valentine Day there is going to be a special event. A book signing of the new book and you can renew your vows. It will be fun.

(60) jaime
Mon, 8 February 2010 17:29

Im going there with my boyfriend today! Im so excited!!! Ed moved mountains for love sad but so moving.

(59) Armz
Mon, 1 February 2010 13:38

Yup,I saw this amazing place at Youtube,then I read so many sites tackling about it,how it could have formed, and by what measures Ed did this. I could surely say I understand physics a lot, but this to me could be unexplainable. One thing's for sure, Long Live Ed! Long Live Coral Castle! Yehey!!!

(58) Linda
Sun, 31 January 2010 18:52

I am from Latvia and only got to know about this amazing place from Believe it or not. Not once was Leedskalnins mentioned in science lessons at school or anywhere else! How pathetic. He would be such an amazing person to learn about and to be proud of...Well, at least, Americans are proud of him. I really wish to visit the Coral Castle one day!

(57) Lynda Sullivan
Fri, 29 January 2010 01:35

A friend was telling me about this castle today and I decided to look it up on the web. How absolutely fascinating! Obviously Ed understood something about the human potential that the average person does not. It is no doubt profound but probably at the same time incredibly simple. I wonder why the individuals and civilizations (ancient Egyptians, Mayans, Incans) that have harnessed this concept never write it down or pass it on? I hope to have the opportunity to visit the Coral Castle in person some day.

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