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(76) Dave
Sat, 17 April 2010 01:36

"Man will occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of the time he will pick himself up and continue".
-Winston Churchhill

Why at night if there is no merit to the theory of learning the secret of anti-gravity?

(75) David
Fri, 16 April 2010 20:18

Respected Persons

This is a very sad and wonderful creation. One can only wonder how.

(74) Mr. Shannon Hensley
Mon, 29 March 2010 15:34


(73) Gloria
Tue, 23 March 2010 20:20

I have been fascinated by Coral Castles since I was very young. I was finally able to visit the castle and it was beautiful! I hope to be able to return. A big "Thank you" to everyone who has kept this dream alive.

(72) Brett K Camper
Thu, 4 March 2010 14:45

Thank you so much for continuing Ed's work just by being there and staying open. My fiance' and I have been hearing about the Coral Castle for a few years now and finally made the time to visit. "Spectacular " We didn't know what to expect really other than the generic things you see and hear through the media. We were blessed enough to cross paths with A.C (Thank you again personally), who took the time to show us and share with us the far deeper truths that the Coral Castle has for all those on an open-minded spritual journey. And if you are reading this , I have a hunch that if you visit on the 14th of July 2010 after noon , you will never forget your visit. We will return as many times as possible. See you 07142010 @ 1330 A.C.
Light & Love to you all . Brett K Camper & Jennifer L Christy

(71) LLG
Thu, 4 March 2010 14:29

I had heard of Coral Castle as a teenager and thought of it as a tourist site. However, many years later I am gaining wisdom and have decided this is on my bucket list. Simple truth and love built this as a testimony to the Spirit within.

(70) Coral Castle Museum
Thu, 25 February 2010 02:44

@Del Please call the Coral Castle directly for more information about having your special event at the Castle. They will be most happy to help you plan your big day!

(69) Rosie Bina
Thu, 25 February 2010 02:16

While visiting in Miami, my boyfriend and I decided to visit the Coral Castle, as we thought it was a story of love... It in fact was much more than that. Our tour guide Patrice ( I believe was her name) was so detailed that we hung on every word. The castle is amazing! The way that he built it with a story behind every piece! When we were there, the whole place was entirely spiritual, we stayed for a few hours and had to sit in every chair, touch every piece and examine every wall. It is emotionally touching, spiritually fulfilling and an utter masterpiece!

(68) Del
Wed, 24 February 2010 04:20

does anyone know what they charge to get married here?

(67) Brad
Sun, 21 February 2010 09:02

I visited Coral Castle in the late 1990's while in Florida on business and to meet family and friends who live or lived in the area at the time. I had read about it briefly in an old "Ripley's believe it or not" book I had purchased as a child, so a friend of mine and I used visiting as an excuse for something to do to one afternoon. WOW !!! am I glad we visited !!! I am a believer now ! Ed L. had to have been a genius!!! A little guy with tools he made from junk he cobbled together, moving and carving those blocks ??? by himself ??? He MUST have known the pyramid construction secrets, there is just no other way !!! We think we are so smart with today's 'science' but I think our pseudo science is self flattering aetheistic poot compared with what this guy knew, he and the pyramid builders. I would trade them all for an evening seeing him build one of his creations using his methods. Long live Ed Leedskalnin and Coral Castle !!! a mystery of mysteries !!! Visiting his castle is a rewarding memory you will never forget, an affordable trip to Atlantis. I think his greatest achievement is the gift to us that he demonstrated that real knowledge is available to anyone at any time who has ears to hear and eyes to see, and has a sincere mind and heart to pursue the truth, and practices great diligence and frugality. If he can do this, indeed, what is our excuse for not persuing the heavens ?

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